Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Need A Job!

Well, join the hundreds of other career professionals who are saying the same thing. The competition is at an all time high for the positions currently available.

There are some things that can help set you apart. Do you have a current résumé? If so, have you considered how it compares to the others that cross the desks of employers? If your résumé does not capture the résumé screener's interest; does not portray your value right up front; and does not intrigue the reader to review past the first few lines, then your résumé may end up in the other pile (trash, round file, shredder, see-ya).

The résumé is the key to getting the interview. It is the first step, and the most valuable asset you will need to conduct a succesful job search. If you are not sure how your current résumé will stack up next to the competition, you should consider contacting a Certified Professional Résumé Writer to help you out.Just as you are a professional in your career field, a CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) is a career development professional, and keeps up with the trends in the labor market of today.

A CPRW will know what the employer is looking for, and they know how to portray your value in a presentation that will get your foot in the door for an interview.

Before your job search runs out of steam, and you find yourself falling into a pit of despair - do your career a favor and seek the help of a professional in reaching your career objective.

Visit Ms. Parker at for assistance, or locate a professional service provider in your area through, the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW-CC).

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