Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help Me Write My Résumé

I would love a shot at writing your Résumé! In fact, as a Certified Executive Résumé Master, (CERM), that is exactly what I do for clients.

If you have been searching for a writer that places your interests above all in the provision of Customer Service, then you may want to give me a call or send me a brief email through the website located at so we can discuss your specific needs.

There is no charge for a FREE consultation and a brief Résumé Review, job search guidance, an outline of the process, service options, and an understanding of what you can expect as a client of Parker-CPRW.

It Really is "All ABout You"!

Available services include:
Entry Level Résumé
Professional Level Résumé
Executive Level Résumé
Military Transition Résumé
Federal, Government, or SES
Award Narratives
Professional Bio
ECQ, MTQ, or KSA Statements

For future reference, you can locate a Professional Résumé Writer and verify their credentials by visiting the most recognized career development organizations. Find valuable information on writers and their areas of expertise through Career Director's International (CDI), The National Résumé Writer's Association (NRWA), The Résumé Writing Academy (RWA), and the Professional Organization of  Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW-CC).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do I Need a Cover Letter for My Résumé?


I was recently told by an employer that he had received hundreds of résumés, and could only remember one that had a cover letter. He still remembers that person today.

Think about it like this. When you first meet someone, the first thing you do is introduce yourself. You don't just walk up and toss out your life history without an introduction. Why would you do that with your résumé?

Your résumé and the cover letter serve as your personal introduction. Everything about the overall presentation, from appearance to the actual content will represent the first impression a potential employer will gather about you from the beginning. You know what they say - the first impression is a lasting impression and will be hard to overcome at a later date.

Take every opportunity to be noticed, and the first step is to develop a dynamic cover letter to accompany your Résumé!!